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Years of experience

Our expertise comes into play when analysing complex situations and developing appropriate strategies – for example in change management.

Our comprehensive network

As a result of our ever-growing contacts, we offer the optimal consultation service and implementation plan for each project undertaken.

Our holistic approach

Through networked thinking and sustainable methodology, we develop innovative concepts and find solutions.

Our Team

Your experts for creative, innovation solutions

We believe that when working with you on projects, people are a key element and so we make the best team available. Based on your requirements, we choose experts from relevant fields who have not only theoretical but also extensive international practical experience.

We draw on our network of partner companies and independent consultants; many outstanding people, who have chosen to focus on project implementation, now work for themselves.  We are convinced that the future of high-value, complex consultancies lies in this form of networking, bringing together recognised experts on an assignment basis.

We enjoy long term relationships with our partners and therefore are so can offer our clients a project team second to none – one that is unavailable to top international competitors. Our consultants have:

  • Many years’ experience from international consultancies
  • A clear focus on topics and industry
  • High intercultural and interpersonal skills
  • Extensive project experience in all phases of complex consultancy projects
  • Dependable team skills and a mature personality
  • They all share our values and are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of our clients.

This network has evolved around MMag. Stefan Brunnsteiner who founded Ippo Ippo GmbH in early 2013.  His CV illustrates the qualities and expertise found in the consultants with whom we work:

  • More than 20 years’ consultancy experience in management positions at Coopers & Lybrand Consulting Austria, PricewaterhouseCoopers in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, and IBM Global Services Europe
  • Management of large and complicated consulting programmes
  • The assessment of strategies and risks and development of solutions
  • The building and implementation of digital transformation programmes
  • Support for international roll-outs and project turnarounds
  • Interim CIO mandates
  • A well-known customer base including ThyssenKrupp, Voestalpine, Knauf, Alcan, Severstal, RMC Group, Lenzing and others based throughout Europe and the Middle East
  • A Master’s Degree in Economics and Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Philosophy
  • 20 years’ Zen study under the guidance of world-renowned Masters


Managing Director

Recent projects


Project Management Services

ERP Project Management: advising and assisting the Project Management team with all aspects of the assignment – analysis, discussion and decision-making process.  Resolving challenging situations and passing on “Best Practice” and “Lessons Learned” from similar cases.

Maintenance and Consultancy Services

Strategy & Project Reviews: risk analysis and advice on the resolution of critical management situations.  Development and implementation of beneficial IT strategies e.g. PMO; setting up of programme management systems to work across the whole spectrum of the clients business.


Interim Programme Management: the design, realignment and implementation of a complex ERP programme (with more than 60 sub-systems) and preparation for rollout in fifteen countries.


The Plan B Approach: the identification of alternative analytical methodology for the optimal implementation of new programmes.


Digital Transformation: an initial investigation of the key requirements of the project. The integration of an efficient programme to create a more cohesive team.  Appropriate coaching and role model training courses to communicate the company’s new corporate values were a key part of this agenda.


Integration of Systems for Production and Planning: a company realignment programme.  Re-building of IT and management reporting systems.  This robust transformation process was implemented in ten different locations in order to optimise organisational, IT and processing areas of the business.


“Digital transformation through the development of disruptive business models”: the company had recently adopted a new five-year strategy.  In conjunction with this step-by step improvement process consisting of various projects, new disruptive business models form the basis for future digital innovation.  This would lead to a new culture of innovation, thereby developing the company’s young creative employees. The success of the project is reflected in a radical change of thought patterns, a clearer understanding of levels of innovation, systematic re-orientation of examining successful ideas as well as focussing on customers’ needs.

Government Body

The customer has instigated a change process in order to sustain its business model and make its services more efficient and up-to-date.  Following a ‘current state analysis’, an improvement plan was developed and the cornerstones of a digital transformation programme were conceived.  Implementation of these enhancements will be accompanied by an optimisation and harmonisation of all business processes.  The development of a new IT strategy, the modernisation of existing IT services and the creation of a Programme Management Department are additional features of this project.