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Wherefrom and Whereto


The Zen saying “Ippo Ippo” is an ancient term of wisdom meaning “Step by step” – (literally one step – one step) – “the way of life”.

The company was founded with this adage in mind – a team underpinned with European philosophy and intercultural perception. We look for balanced solutions, taking a 360˚ approach and we continuously strive for excellence. Respect for our clients and the satisfaction of successful cooperation are our core values.


Our focus

A wealth of experience across a wide range of products.

Digital Transformation

In this area we look at the challenges of digitalisation, globalisation and personalisation to optimise your business model.

Turnaround Project Management

Our consultation service supports you in the setup of a successful plan to overcome complex or crisis management situations.

Programme Management

Our consultation service enables you to combine a series of different projects and initiatives under one umbrella.

Managing Equity

Our consultation service offers aid in the area of founding, growing or restructuring your business.


Selective solutions for sustained success

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